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We’re pleased to offer this fast, easy, and flexible online method that allows scheduling when it’s most convenient for you.  You are still welcomed to call our office; to schedule your appointment, to ask any question(s) or make any special appointment requests.  If using the online method, we please ask to keep the following in mind.


Note: If the nature of the visit is urgent and you need to see the Doctor during business hours, DO NOT use online scheduler, please call 210-479-0900.  If out of business hours, go to nearest Emergency Room or call 911.


 Effective October 01, 2017 - Schedule Policies


  1. Please fill out the entire form, one for each patient.  Self-pay patients, skip notices 2-5.
  2. If planning to use your insurance, ideally, we need a couple of days to verify your plan. This streamlines your visit by addressing issues that may arise such as: system outages or if your provider is closed. 
  3. We can do same day appointments, but if we’re unable to verify the insurance, you can elect the visit as self-pay.  After the visit, we will submit (services and/or materials) to your insurance and issue a check refund minus any differences (coinsurance and/or copays).
  4. Please see the current providers, If your insurance is not listed, we are working to be a provider or out of network.  In either case, you can still be seen at our practice as a self-pay patient. 
  5. If using insurance, please email a copy or photo of your new/updated insurance cards to In the email, make sure to include the primary insurance holder’s information (i.e. Name, date of birth, relationship to patient).  Alternatively, you can call 210-479-0900 with this information or bring the cards during your visit.  
  6. We will need to see a valid government ID to use your insurance and/or take credit card payments.
  7. If submitting (new patient) or updating (existing patient) information, please do so via our website Alternatively, you can call 210-479-0900 with this information.
  8. If you schedule an appointment, but picked the incorrect date and/or time. Please call 210-479-0900 or email us at with your appointment changes.  Do not schedule more than one appointment. 
  9.  If scheduling a minor, we will need authorized parent or legal guardian to complete form and authorizations beforehand, and depending on the circumstance, presence during the visit.
  10. Appointment requests still need to be reviewed. Please wait until you receive your appointment confirmation.  Occasionally, there might be a delay, especially, after the holidays and/or the weekend, or the requested appointment date & time is previously booked.  We will make every attempt to get you at the time close to originally requested or explore other date and time options.   

By clicking and using the online scheduler, you have read and understand the notices.

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