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Contact Lens Evaluation Agreement

Contact Lens Evaluation Agreement

New Patient

The contact lens evaluation includes the initial visit, training (if needed), the contact lens trials, and up to five subsequent visits (within a 30-day period).

Existing Patient

Even if there are no perceptible changes, the doctor still needs to evaluate the contacts and determine if they are not undermining the health of your eyes. Therefore, this fee is charged on a yearly visit if you are requiring your contact lens prescription.

Contact Lens Fees (All Patients)

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Policies & Notices

  • The contact lens evaluation is not included in your comprehensive eye exam.
  • Many insurance plans do not cover the cost of a contact lens evaluation.
  • We do not use your contact lens allowance toward your contact lens evaluation.
  • You will be responsible for any co-pays + overages. Your insurance benefits will determine whether you receive a percentage and/or other discounts.
  • Regardless if you decided to receive part or all of your evaluation, charges are due in full at the time of the evaluation and are non-refundable.
  • Patient is responsible for scheduling and attending follow up visits to finalize your prescription within 30 days. Therefore, follow-ups after 30 days can be subject to an additional charge.
  • If you are a previous contact lens wearer with no changes, you will be able to purchase your prescribed lenses the day of the evaluation.
  • We will not release your prescription until finalized and it will expire one year from your exam date.
  • The contact lens evaluation does not include the cost of your contact lens supply (i.e. boxes).
  • Returned purchased contacts must follow our return policies (located on your invoice).
  • The doctor does not evaluate hard or RGPs (real gas permeable) contact lenses.